if u dont watch ssohpkc then what r u doing

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Creature Shirt Giveaway


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and when Jordan tweeted today I knew it was time.

Ta-da, now as you might have guessed I’m having a giveaway.
There will be one winner and that winner will get to pick any two shirts/hoodies from the Creature store and I’ll ship it to them. So…

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Dexter's new channel



This is Dexter’s new youtube channel. Let’s help him get back to where he was before the unfortunate events of his other channel getting suspended. Dex put a lot of hard work into his carer to entertain his viewers, and will continue to do so, so carry on supporting him :D  


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my life is complete.


He lost all his subscribers too so make sure to go back and subscribe to Dex guys go show this cutie your support! (x)

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it’s growing stronger

alynu asked: I don't have a question. I just wanna say hi!


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45 boom I win

Anonymous asked: My physics teacher looks like Kootra! Also you're beautiful(:

No way!! I’m so jealous and thank you :)

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Anonymous asked: What would you do in the Purge??

Probably go to canada or something. I’m not tryna get killed or anything

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I’m locked out of my house so send me questions to kill some time

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kebin wuz sittin in skype call w/ alekskxksksskcclsc

"bbz" kebby said. "wil u luv me 4evr?"

alekcxskcx said “NO”

kebin got sad n ended hte call

alskecs cri and stroekd his monitor “i meant to say………. i wil luv u 5EVR

(dat mean it moar den 4evr)


A dramatic reading for an ImmortalAnex fanfic written by immortalanex4lyf

Source for fic here

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