real talk: the fact that dex has no problem expressing his opinion is badass

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The ImmortalHDomi is real

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Creature Daily Picture 240/365 ~ True Love.

Taken from somewhere in the internet.

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Happy Birthday, Aleks! Thank you for always putting a smile on each of our faces, we truly appreciate you! Hope it’s been a great one so far!

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remember that time seamus sat on jordans lap


Remember that one time when sly and Seamus kissed but they cut it half way through.

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  Happy Birthday Aleks~! | [FULL VIEW]

Oh man, I haven’t drawn this russin boi in a while. I missed drawing him! Anyways, here’s a thing~ Even though he’s like 22 he still looks like a baby, lmao. (Also hate the way Tumblr compresses images.. I should stop drawing so big.)

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If you ever feel sad, just remember I was nearly able to buy this sweater


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Send me interesting articles from throughout the summer!!

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Anonymous asked: Does it have to be in your country, or can it be world wide?

I think the country, the write ups have to reflect how it affects the society as a whole

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Anonymous asked: What is it of?

I need help finding 10 articles and writing a one page write up for each
The articles have to be one from each week summer

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Does anyone want to help me with my English summer work that’s due on Wednesday 😁

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Have yourself a gif of Kevin shrugging his shoulders


would any of you guys want to meet me at pax east or nah

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